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Daihatsu Xenia 1.0 Was Mediocre ...

Yup, thus the phrase that is implied so approached the figure of a car dna-based daihatsu xenia this when being ' bud ', alias when parked in a normal state.(toyota hilux now luxury) However its doors open ' will blossom ', new ' s keindahaan behold radiated. ' modifikasinya extremes, the concept of wish to appear more different than that already exist, ' said wulan maulani, young mother asal tasikmalaya, of west java region this avid automotive this.(hyundai i oniq concept) Her husband, ruci galih gods are supporting. Don ' t want the, both went up to the city jogjakarta to meet  swordsman  modification best. Lucky they met harry from the forge catalunya which undertakes the desire of both. ' the concepts and eksekusinya entrusted to me, ' said harry who had collaborated with a forge butterfly night, still from the town of gudeg this.


a five-part

The first step, execute the whole body. Bonnet had a new form more bloat to the grilles, model, complete with rooftop latticework line double decker model chrome head lamp dent their frames adjust Ford Fiesta.(new findings ball ping pong) So it is also home to new inhabited fog lamp fog lamps innate Mazda2. While the front and rear bumpers and side skirt redesigned. Continue to the body side, all wheels are having due to space penggembungan stuffed gambot dimensions wheel. Most striking in the rear wheel fender design line connect to home instantly tail lamp that had a large cross section. Mengaplikasi LED lights behind her own. Well, not less excited were the top half -Ki or body. Chop top a.k.a. technique of reduction of the height of the roof of the dilakoni. Angle of slope of A pillar adapted more fall. Most striking, the application of the concept of cabrio roof where all can be opened up with a slope of nearly 45 degrees.

Open it starts from the top of A pillar point with exquisite opening hinges are in hip pillar d. -Ki or is accompanied by open fourth side door that can open bak kibasan wings of a butterfly.(mazda million) Likewise the concept applied in the hood by forming a new cross section which halved traction lines are curved design. There are a Total of five parts of the body can be open with abnormal movements and all of it is driven by electrical system full body panel including motorised rear luggage place to inhabit parts of the audio device. ' Command enough of this Nokia mobile phone, ' obviously Harry some key driving mechanisms regarding motorised already merged in the casing of a cell phone.

cabin rombak total

In the cabin leaving barely the standard devices, all dilungsurkan seats. Seats front custom model semi-bucket-style racing. (cars discount) Rear passengers are only provided a custom seat that his position in the middle of the cabin. Dashboard devices also overhauled rearrangement by sliding panel standard to middle position spidometer. Most interesting is emblazoned with a cross section limit of Acrylic colors black, like the moonroof. The occasion of all interior panels coated synthetic leather Murano black and orange color combination.


the totality of the cabin

So one of the cabins that -Ki or not less interesting. ' We wanted a total all sectors changed, ' smile Wulan. Various audio devices dominated label Venom and Symbian stuffed in almost all corners of the cabin berkonfigurasi. Rear cabin looks attractive in terms of placement of perantinya. Around the middle of the seat there are two pairs of 340, two subwoofers Venom fruit power amplifier and two fruit Venom 0500 power amplifier Venom 340. All integrated with four pairs of speakers on all four doors VX60 Venom and 6 pieces monitors spread over some Symbion corner cabin area. All these devices acts head units also commanded labeled Symbion.


Not in vain, the sacrifice of time and cost to realize the idea and concept of this original modifications resulted in numerous awards. Recorded several degrees from the Best Penetrations, Best Interior, Best Leather Exterior Motorised/Vynil Audi Design, Best Mini Bus, Best Daihatsu, Nominee of King King Extreme to Extreme, culminating The Ultimate Extreme was able to achieve in the Accelera Auto Contest Solo series last month.

Conjure Up Mitsubishi Lancer, Ngana Like Torang Pe Style?

In addition to the famous food typically porridge, North Sulawesi capital of Manado this also keeps potential modifications to reliably.(trick overcome dead emergency) Like the Jhemmy Bakko -Ki or applied on the Mitsubishi Lancer EX hers, which was crowned as The King of the 2012 Contest, Mantos Auto in Manado Town Square, Menado (9-10/June). It used the concept of extreme modification, EX 2010 mainstay workshop Skytron Autowork (SA) this is the best community creation T-motion and Famous Autoclub. (specialist ac) According to Samuel Yapar, punggawa SA, which should be applied to style impressed -Ki or different from others. Torang pe Ngana love style? (do you like my style?)



Own system for modification focused on full motorised, embedded on the exterior, the interior and trunk. ' Processes are indeed considered short, about 3 weeks.(new honda civic) And to be sure, we never thought I could eventually get a degree if The King, ' says Samuel. Super short effort last experienced a fair amount of constraints, especially when the process of cutting the central interior for making motorised legs.


Because the results of processing workshop earlier disappointments, Jhemmy forced to do rombakan total in the interior as well as eksteriornya.(honda civic esi 1994) For the process of demolition, following cutting welding, the cabin took approximately 1 week. The rest, work focused on structuring a system of motorised so its flagship.


Like in standard motorised hood which is split in two parts, so use a type with a length of 15 cm FUJ which have the power to shore up up to 45 kg. (this camaro rims) Lambo door for dimodali FLA, the length of motorised 35 cm with topang power up to 150 kg. The gullwing as well using a similar type with motorized, 80 cm in length and strength to 250 kg.

While the motorised power amplifier for cribs in the rear cabin, monoblok wear type with a length of 25 cm SLEED capable of pulling and pushing the burden weighing 45 kg. While holder turn table on the trunk, DJ driven motorized type with the ability to push as far as FUJ 45 cm. So lebe skarang kang-style? (Now the style right?)


Victoria Beckham, More And More Cars Are Sexy In Shining Purple

Range rover known as a formidable of car manufacturers, adventurous of english origin land rover. (daihatsu xenia 1.0) Thus, anyway not necessarily a product range rover cannae a woman dressed up pretty well. One is type evoque gts arable tuner overfinch this one. According to segmentation evoque ideology, womankind represented by ambassadors pemilihan evoque nations--to victoria beckham.(toyota yaris discount) Modification done overfinch also acted more than boost dress up mechanical power. Besides berlabur paint purple the car door that the three appear in 2012 goodwood festival featuring of speed this body kit special. With indentations classiest at the bumper.(car version luxury)  Black, while accent on the rooftops, diaplikasi mirror, gril to the rim overfinch harrier 22-inch as adder impression classiest.


In contrast to the exterior appearance of Priss, entry to the cabin this Evoque adem and minimalist look.(beautiful and sophisticated sportcar) The reason, overlaid with leather seats are wrapped in white with black alloy kelir on some trim door panels and dashboard.


To redeem the Evoque flirtatious ala Paris Hilton is, providing enough customer funds around Rp 1.3 billion only. Are you interested in?(new car ball ping pong)

Daihatsu Xenia 2006, Ex Car Mama So Champion

Daihatsu xenia indeed asyik to be modified.(like torang pe style) As executed m. Syafiq origin city pekanbaru, riau.  originally dimodif ala mini alphard, and instead had worn nyokap and elevated back, then tear down again like this, thanks,  syafiq he opened chatter.


This time the males born 18 years ago this want more perfect in ubahannya. The theme chosen i.e.(tars blusterous) elegant leading VIP because of being able to mengangkar degrees of cars. The first stage of the body so the main concern. The entire bumper standard dilungsurkan. Instead a new model for parts bumper front grilles, side, side, and rear wing


The work was submitted to an outlet address in Arie Fyber Rambutan road, Soweto. Including the creation of a new line of fender wide body natural techniques follow dent wheel dimensions followup swell.(recognize illness) To align the wheel diameter selectable themes, HRE labels elegant models. Lingkarnya 18 inch round rubber blends Accelera size 215/35-0 .10beta R18 distribution which makes the House seem solid and full wheel filled. (suzuki grand vitara)Moreover, the reduction of body height reached by undercuts per standard almost half of it.


to kabinnya i padukan the theme vlp garson motives, with the skin of a snake  said pehobi sports basketball this who handed the project to outlets sakti motor leather this. Plus an accessory sheen output garson and d.a.d. (know the engine) Japan impressive an aura luxuriousness on xenia black sheep. The man who will continue to lecture in binus university jakarta is added accent in the same order audio in the trunk. This car  all--he want to go to college, provided for also make  his smile.


Honda Jazz RS 2011, Full Airbrush!

It wasn't until there were cabins, aura joined dipermak. (cars david beckham) It is possible for the first time are welcome into the Interior is going to freak out hysterically.(hyundai) The reason is not much different from Nuance cabins with exterior areas.


The entire interior layer made from fabric replaced the original leather first.(daihatsu 1.0) Includes wrappers, upholstery, carpet, door trim, dashboard tray up to the ceiling. After that some layers of upholstery, (toyota version luxury) door trim, dashboard and carpets also dominated the skull set color themes scratches blue sea.


Not less excited there in the ceiling that gave back the movie charact.(the price rose car)

Mercy C200, Jeep Cherokee, Estilo, All-round Civic Loreng

When a man infatuated with attributes, perhaps already plural troops discovered and practically commonplace.(ex car mama so champion) The figure are identical to the masculine aura is indeed familiar with men. But on the contrary, when the atmosphere thus came from army mania figure of a woman, a nobility, to willingly repeat 3 car dream tincture car back to 90s hers with color loreng. What sort of abnormality?


Woodland M81

Any reason comes to mind ra. Fifi damayanti to variegate third his car aura loreng stylized u.s. army, may appreciated pseudonyms ' like .this '.  for me, color loreng that i frigging,  said fifi. (mitsubhisi style)No wonder if mercedes-benz c200, jeep cherokee and honda estilo his favorite sprayed repeated with color loreng woodland m81 standard the troops.  meant to try motives loreng other, but woodland m81 this the coolest adopted to the car  he said again.


Not without reason, fifi choose 's name ' leaf pattern ' typical u.s. army this.(the engine honda brio) In his house fifi collect seabrek motives loreng other as tiger stripe; desert camouflage until urban camouflage used as trinkets are interior as gordyn, table tops or carpets. Just imagine if his home in num. tb. Simatupang it as headquarters, certainly third vacillation ' sebelas-duabelas ' pseudonyms mirip-mirip car war. No exception, mercy c200 who perform engraved with lorinser rim around 20 inches is been like car combat.

The third car was built according to your needs and have a very strong character, regardless of its colour which loreng.(grand vitara) Honda Civic Estilo bersuspensi ceper roll bar fitted and interior terondol is built for racing 402 meters. Building on their existing ZC engine, dikorek with rims 16 inches Estilo standard Mercy this S-Class does employed every Thursday and Friday night. Jalan Asia Afrika in Senayan housed wara-wiri Estilo loreng this every night Saturday.


While jeep cherokee who perform soldierly with suspension high billet centerline and rim, 15 inches devoted to operate on monday until wednesday. (spare parts new honda) This car  most delicious make worn daily because high  whispered fifi. Well, if mercy c-class also made mapak abis with rim gambot output lorinser specifically to weekend alias saturday and sunday.(this camaro) Asumsinya, cars for pelesir and ending weeks should not blusterous or tough. Contrarily character classiest that kudu prominence. Fifi own standards on each have completeness besutan file. Besides attribute best-smelling loreng good exterior and interior, radio communication equipment gps hingga stickers and were decal berkonotasi soldiers.  the law is obligatory  witticisms woman reflected the minus this.


Entered the cabin c-class and will meet with a navigational device as a gps, satelite phone and smart phone. While peered stateroom cherokee caught impression more sangar monitor, because besides gps there was radio communication cb to upholster loreng features. The entrance to other honda civic stateroom estilo scanty attribute best-smelling loreng body except color that is compatible with other two cars.  hisnameis also make thoroughbreds, this one was scanty furnishing lenong let nope, excess weight smiling  he said.


Besides roll berkelir yellow, bar bucket seat recaro and sabelt 4-point, seatbelt racing, with the steering wheel a tachometer and englne cut-off like cars competition. Even englne hood alias the hood fiberglas plated shades made of carbon. Nevertheless, shades battle dress uniform ( bdu ) characteristic soldiers the uncle sam is still sticking because estilo, are whole body except on the -hood machine. If the house and the car already loreng, lest couples fifi also attributes users loreng?

Gran Max Parade Mods, Gumawa Asik Motor Transport

As a vehicle niaga with its carrying large, daihatsu gran max not only enchant company common as the user.(honda jazz full airbrush) Even, workshop motor was kepincut to using it as operational carrying motorcycles. Not enough perform standards, the workshop also re-incorporate display gran max to makin macho. Are done workshop c.h garage. 07 that relies gran max pikap rietbok liter artificial 2012.  this car dependable as safety car retinue harley davidson and tear down to makin functional.(cars ball ping pong) For that we added places goods under tub behind, and cover tub, capacity tub and unloading three motors,  said vienant, penggawa c.h.07 garage.


Besides, there were also roofrack custom, steering momo, shifts knob, strobo harley, luxio, mirror antenna and floodlights jeep.(more cars sexy) As supplementary, there is a lamp hid, jeep cherokee and rim bbs are belonging to a custom in order to rear suspensions menerabas the ugly. Then there ' s workshop caos custom that relies gran max blind van rietbok liter artificial 2011. Courtier caos custom, according to samson the car that transports motor trail worn as spoil workshop.(now version luxury)  make sweetening worn graphic stickers custom and rim model reli 15 inches. While in the stateroom there is a belt to bind motor with capacity 2 motorcycle samson  said.

Lastly, is a specialist motorcycle repair shop sport Racing Anjany that rely on Gran Max type blind van 1.3 liters-made motor carrier of 2012 as a workshop to the circuit.

According to toads of racing, anjany plain white berkelir car has actually been 'd wrapping dipergahar with a sticker.(was mediocre)  overlaid stickers, three times but often melendung so dipoloskan like this better. , toh this typical thoroughbreds look at the hind remains the motor racing and a workshop. As rim bbs are ornately retro and his lamp in the rear. Want to know more about daihatsu car? Can join here

mercedes-benz 300 te 24 1990 make hooked

It kesengsem same product mercedes-benz, definitely was satisfied if only got a variant. (civic loreng) This vicariously by roby muchran, landlord r-kups garage bandung west java.  nagih euy,  kelakarnya. New done at surely clothe mercy e320 w210 production 1998 with the european domestic market ( eudm ), roby redeem mercy ' mini ' w114 full unoriginal version built-up already furnished sliding roof. Not only there, until secretly caped roby still have incaran other.


Limited Edition 24-Valves

Roby admitted no kepikiran mercy to take again due in his house already claustrophobic by car collection dream car back to 90s of japan and europe kind of honda civic lx and bmw 318i e30. (daihatsu 2006) but i just instead nothing can sleep while picture was sent via blackberry by a club w210,  said roby who also ' play ' goods bt90s. Moreover, if not mercedes-benz w124 model estate car who customarily greeted 300te. Nothing, besides such a model is rarely in indonesia, coincidence variant offered to roby is limited edition.


Generation can not fall asleep while their owners call prices range figures enough fantastic.  conventionally car as it has banderole rp 200 millions because kelangkaannya,  said roby. Well this one almost to ' head ' 3. Anyway his name has also kesengsem, roby finally ventured meminang 300 te already bermesin 24-valves this. (mitsubhisi lancer) Mixed feelings between wavering or hesitate at once ngebet, finally closing too. Roby bring te charmingly this to his headquarters in jl. Titiran mimik with advance satisfied.  characteristic former owners to be discharged let fresh from the oven, whispered roby. Vehicle body that was overall still ngaleng this pour a remake with kelir solid white. Fyl, roby indeed maniac white. Almost all vacillation are white. Paint system oven has become choice to results can optimally. The point is that condition car rebuilt unoriginal stylized sportline as time out showrooms in 1990.

So, back fresh appearance roby encroach on the legs with pairing lowering kit. For stocky this man wouldn ' t wear rim of large diameter. 041  enough wear bbs are rs 17 inches diameter, with wide discolorations , 7 and 8 inches  he said. (r8 tars blusterous)The true tongkrongan be like sportline although rim only 17 ban profile 45 inches in front and rear ( wide- 235 245 ). Furthermore, roby just like the headlights accessory added kuncian united states domestic market ( complete with wiper usdm ). There ' s more roof rack brand thule fitted to bring a bicycle.


Scenery become more unique when enter into the passenger compartment because trinkets are typical besutan okl alias long as the rich car phone attached by nokia ( gsm ) charmingly to the left ( the passenger ).  well, it ' s alive  continued roby. Interiornya alone can make geleng head because upholstery congenital skin black car is already full electric.(cars audio a4)  Like w210, mercedes a suit in upholstery trim the door. Talk upholstery passengers having turns particularity roby 300te-24 belonging to another. Stateroom hindmost who customarily worn for carrying luggage or cargo turns still provided a pair of additional upholstery undersized more dainty that can be folded when requires trunk space. So passengers sat there will be facing glass back. Deservedto, roby muchran made can ' t sleep daub!

Mazda RX-8 2007, Sedated Fast Furious

Gelora competition capable of being anæsthetize anyone to participate in his excitement. (motor transport)No exception a edrick tanreyhan in exploring this latent potential on sportscar mazda rx-8 lansiran 2007. Euphoria serial film fast and furious and fever drifting recent years make the spirit of smp students mimi in surabaya east is to continue to modify rx-8.  i like the style of street racing,  smile edrick, hello. Lucky for him meet edo of zoom bodyworks and painting, one of the dominant klampis modifikator in the region. Manufacturing and an election model submitted edrick fully to edo.


My  principle in modifying the customer is always trying to assume this car is my car alone so could maximal in the process, and design edo  clear. To embody display ala  fast and furious , the exterior uncultivated ahead. Edo and edrick don ' t want it. Almost whole body undergoes ubahan that accentuates finishing details very tidy. Bumper future side skirt and rear bumper redesign fiberglass made.(jazz rs 2011) Including new panel fender digembungkan through engineering wide body adjust dimensions, new wheel complete with water duct fender plated carbon kevlar. Detail ram wire plastic model honeycomb are included. Coating matériel carbon kevlar is also affected to bumper future, lip diffuser in rear bumper airscoop in side skirt. The hood, no responsibility the roof, pillar a and b and -hood baggage also overlaid matériel similar.


Finalisasinya, kelir black native dilabur color of new kind of chameleon blue to red production house of kolors. (in shining purple) Event stickers motives naga the gold cohere icon rotary turbo add character street racing.  work most difficult this car was making panel wide body and the kit, body  edo honest. But precisely the final result workmanship this car most disuka both, namely a staining technique, coalescence accent carbon or model body kit-nya.


Seriousness also spread on the legs. To rim deliberately choose label japanese kondang motorsport in the world.(xenia was mediocre) Mereknya ssr professor sp1 berkonstruksi 3-pieces lingkar 19 inches. Dimensinya, wide 9.5 inches in front and 11.5-12.5 inches behind. Offset rate pegged + 5 to front and 0 behind.  spoke-nya we layer carbon also, added edo. Alloy tire achilles atr sport size 235 / 35-r19 in front and 275 / 30-r19 believed to more bitten bitumen. Performance braking also played a refined by replacement calipers brembo gt f50 rotor 355 mm 4 pot. (toyota hilux version luxury) While calipers back labeled same type gt 2-pieces with the rotor 330 mm 4 pot. Canvass the brakes entrust endless ns97 in the fourth kalipernya.

Wacky, This Camaro Rims Musclecar Wear 32 Inch!

Wacky! Those words would be spoken by anyone who sees musclecar, Chevrolet Camaro on this one.(mercedes benz make hooked) Not because of his machine that toned, or display the car in the film gahar ala Fast and Furious, but thanks to the intellectual deviation's body. Yup, unlike most of the modified Camaro SS like car racing or street fighter, then by the repair shop 813 Custom Camaro this figure made of intellectual deviation and striking eyes. (all round  civic  loreng) Attractive impression immediately feels so see nan glossy chrome plated body, as well as the peleknya-sized 32-inch!


Quilted chrome body is getting with accent pin red and stripes racing to the hood and his side.(ex car) While gril, the light switch, and led strip made a custom. Wild is again, a roof and pillar b and c dibabat discharged, so cursory camaros this like cars convertible by displaying shades bright red in a cabin.


Still lacking? Straight into the cabin,(the audi rx 8) and going with a dozen visible speaker audio system as well as the control of two LCD on the back of the driver, as well as in the rear seat panel has also been outsted by the speaker.(ngana like torang pe style) Oiya, though intellectual deviation but the engine GM V8 3.9 litre capacity provisioning Camaro SS retained. Because the output power of the 426 dk, this car is still considered mumpuni.

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